April Chaos..

April Chaos..

What have I been up to..  

Erm.. Well, April is always a little on the hectic side of things.  For some reason it’s the golden deadline period and all the due dates for so many of the events I try to take part in all like to align at once.  Of course.

For example, Having 10+ paintings to finish in one week (plus paperwork and sometimes shipping involved), tweaking feathers that don’t look quite right until the last possible minute or deciding a week before deadline that the bear painting I am nearly finished with just is not good enough for the task at hand and start over with a new idea,   does leave me exhausted for a while afterwards.  To say the least. 

Yes, I could opt out and scrap the deadlines.  Except having a deadline makes me complete paintings.  I like that part.  Even mostly finished is great.  Also, I don’t want to disappoint collectors/followers of my work/galleries that hope or expect to see my work show up.  How would I even choose what to cut?  So the deadlines all keep their places in the week of chaos with big circles around them so I don’t let them slip by.  But thankfully. Thankfully.  That phase is over for 2014.  Hopefully I’ll be recovering from it all soon..

Right now, between shipping out to collectors and galleries, I am trying to finish some pieces from my 150 or so works in progress.  I’d like to get some fresh work out to some of my galleries in the next few months, and I have some requests from collectors looking for specific subjects, you know who you are ;), I’d like to tackle if I can manage it, too.  

I also have a project I’m chipping away at as well.  It’s still developing but I’ll show more about that when I can..

New Blogging

Thanks for stopping by my new domain.  This is a second site for me.  My first, on my family’s site Latham Studios ( lathamstudios.com/rebecca ) where I’ve been posting since 2004, is still going to be my main location on the web so no worries there.  I will still be posting all of my paintings, new releases, information on related exhibits/events/products/etc there for that.

I started this one primarily because I wanted a place online where I could post a little more freely (plus I have this domain that I should probably use).  Basically I know that if I share 5 posts in a row about baby raptors, or a lecture I attended, or anything else that I happen to find interesting, I might annoy those that are subscribing on Latham Studios who are really only interested in the strictly art side of things.  …and I respect that and don’t want to crowd your time with things that may not interest you.  So this will be kind of like how I post on my personal facebook and and facebook page right now.

If you do want to hear about random things I am doing, then welcome!  I’m glad you’re here.  I’ll try not to be too repetitive on both locations so those that like can subscribe to both if they like. :)