Thanks for stopping by my new domain.  This is a second site for me.  My first, on my family’s site Latham Studios ( ) where I’ve been posting since 2004, is still going to be my main location on the web so no worries there.  I will still be posting all of my paintings, new releases, information on related exhibits/events/products/etc there for that.

I started this one primarily because I wanted a place online where I could post a little more freely (plus I have this domain that I should probably use).  Basically I know that if I share 5 posts in a row about baby raptors, or a lecture I attended, or anything else that I happen to find interesting, I might annoy those that are subscribing on Latham Studios who are really only interested in the strictly art side of things.  …and I respect that and don’t want to crowd your time with things that may not interest you.  So this will be kind of like how I post on my personal facebook and and facebook page right now.

If you do want to hear about random things I am doing, then welcome!  I’m glad you’re here.  I’ll try not to be too repetitive on both locations so those that like can subscribe to both if they like. :)

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