Throwing Paint and Playing with Glass

Throwing Paint and Playing with Glass

Rebecca and Bonnie Latham at the Kelley Galleries Open House in Hudson

A while back, this spring, I asked what all of my supporters surfing the social networks were interested in when hearing from an artist.  Overall, it seems that more than anything it’s to stand in my shoes for a bit.  (..and get into my head)



So, to begin seeing what I can do about that, this month I’ve become a Google Glass Explorer.

For those who might not have heard of it, Glass is a wearable mobile device in beta testing that captures video, still shots, and connects online by pairing with your phone.  ..being controlled by gestures, voice command, or touch.

I’m still getting the hang of it, but hopefully it will allow me to easily share with all of you a little bit of what I see, do, and experience so you can be there with me.

(Since many have already asked, the prism glass-like piece over my eye doesn’t act like a high powered magnification lens.  Rather, it shows a small transparent card-like screen to control the device, share to the web, etc.)


The first public use of Glass for me was this past Saturday for the Kelley Galleries Hudson Open House where I filmed myself painting a great horned owl (Samantha) from the Minnesota Raptor Center in 3 hours.  ..many short clips showing progress that will be combined shortly.

And lastly.. A photo gallery of the event/auction:

4 thoughts on “Throwing Paint and Playing with Glass

  1. Hi Rebecca! What does it mean, when you post a watercolor and it is written for example “watercolor with 24kt gold and sterling silver on board”. Are you talking about the frame? Are the photos the only way to appreciate your art or do you have a catalogue of your own. I might be interested in buying, but live in Montréal, Canada. I love animals since childhood, am a retiree and still love them as much. I would like to redecorate my parlour next Fall or next summer. And as for my retirement plans, it all turns around animals and music (I play the piano, I love music since childhood as well). Thanks for sharing with us and thanks for taking the time to answer me. Sincerely yours!


  2. This should explain the precious metals –

    For the paintings.. I’d suggest you check the galleries listed here – – many of them have the paintings they represent in their online catalogs. ..otherwise I’m sure they’d be happy to send images to you to review. I’m afraid that at the moment I only have in-progress pieces in the studio. Happy 2015!

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