Current Studio Work

I’m a little behind in posting here.  ..and I’ve noted that my behind the scenes, so far, have only addressed the fieldwork side of things (which, honestly, is my favorite part.. and I will be updating on recent visits to Florida and Ontario seeing wildlife when I can :) ).

So, here is a snapshot of something I’m working on today..  This lion is a part of a collection planned for exhibition later this year overseas.  The size is a bit deceiving on the photo.. the painting is 20x24in, but it looks so small on the 40x60in tabletop.  I’ve been working on several 30x40in paintings as well.

I have discovered that, in spite of the physical and mental challenges of painting in larger sizes (still retaining the miniature detail I use in my smaller paintings) that I like having so much room on the board to work.  Balancing the need for impact from a distance coupled with the fine detail that must be done for up close viewing has taken a little adaptation.

As I receive requests for other large works, I think tackling these new projects will be an interesting experience in growing as a painter.  Already this lion feels so much smaller than it did when I first began working on it.

Lion Painting Rebecca Latham

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