Month: December 2016

Peek In The Studio – Wolf & Birds Of Prey

It’s hard to believe this is the last week of 2016.  It has been quite a year to look back on.  As we turn the page, my hope is that 2017 brings positive experiences and opportunities for everyone. Spending a lot of hours in the studio lately.  These are a few new works started this […]

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Peek In The Studio – Finishing Touches On Little Paintings

More snow is falling here in Minnesota.. perfect time to focus on putting on the accents of sterling silver and final textures on this collection of little paintings, all under 5x7in.  These pieces should be finding their way to a venue shortly.  For anyone wishing to reserve one for their collection before they ship off, […]

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Peek In The Studio – Songbirds & Birds Of Prey

I seem to be in the mood for feathers this week. These little sketches (done in graphite) are the start of some hand held sized songbird paintings, Titmouse and Chickadees.  With all of the fresh snow and sub-zero temperatures here in Minnesota, I’ve been watching the bird feeders frequently and enjoy observing their energy in […]

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Peek In The Studio – Red Tail and Kittens

I’ve been busy with a few new paintings this week.  It’s that time of year when I have fewer deadlines hanging above me and I get to focus a bit on just painting.  ..not to mention the layers of winter building up outside keeping most of us inside. The Bobcat Kitten paintings are 8×10 and […]

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A Few Small Paintings

What’s new?  After recovering from the chaos of getting everything together and finished for the show in North Carolina, It’s been wonderful to get back to starting new paintings and getting a little fresh momentum going again.  I don’t know why starting new work is always cheery, perhaps the possibilities (before it is littered in […]

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Outer Banks

Just back from the opening reception of my family’s feature exhibition at Seaside Art Gallery in Nags Head, North Carolina.  I’m so thankful to the gallery and those involved in making the show possible.  The area has suffered so much damage from flooding due to hurricane Matthew and we were unsure that things would still […]

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