Peek In The Studio – Red Tail and Kittens

I’ve been busy with a few new paintings this week.  It’s that time of year when I have fewer deadlines hanging above me and I get to focus a bit on just painting.  ..not to mention the layers of winter building up outside keeping most of us inside.

The Bobcat Kitten paintings are 8×10 and 10×10, both moving well into the color stages.  The contrast of textures of the soft fur and lichen and moss growth on their background I think is a nice contrast.  I am thinking, with the beautiful variations in the rocks, perhaps I will be able to accent with a little more 24kt gold than usual.. we will see.

Bobcat Kittens Watercolor Painting in Progress - Rebecca Latham

The Redtail Hawk was a beautiful bird I was able to visit West of Toronto earlier this year.  She had spotted something to catch and was strongly considering dashing off to chase it down.  I liked the morning glow through the trees and the feeling of lace in the branches as it contrasts with the feather detail and intensity in the look of the bird.  The painting is 12×16.

Redtail Hawk Watercolor Painting in Progress - Rebecca Latham



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