Peek In The Studio – Catching Up To Summer

So far my Summer has been a bit of a catch up.  Having been dealing with a heavy workload and a number of trips for some fieldwork and study, there never seems to be a dull moment!

Two new paintings recently arrived for Seaside Art Gallery’s “Outer Banks Squared” show:

Field Work – Black Bear Cub – watercolor on board with sterling silver

Apprentice – Red Fox and Cub –  watercolor on board with sterling silver

This is an interesting event with all of the paintings being 12x12in outer dimensions, featuring themes from the North Carolina Outer Banks area.

In addition to these, several of my other works are now available in the gallery as well.  This is one piece that is reserved and may be on view,   Alpha Spirit – 11×14, on board  watercolor with sterling silver:


These two new paintings just made their debut for Lovetts Gallery’s Exhibition “Mirror Mirror (MirrororriM)” in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  They are a little larger for me, but I am enjoying adapting to the bigger format:

Silent Flight – Barn Owl, 20x24in, watercolor on board with sterling silver

Three Companions – Wolves, 20x30in, watercolor on board with sterling silver



In addition to these, I’ve just finished a new collection of works for West Lives On in Jackson, Wyoming.  I got my start as a professional gallery artist in Jackson Hole (and New Jersey) years ago.

I am very excited to be showing in the area again and working on paintings of the iconic wildlife from the western United States.  I’ve missed it more than I realized and am looking forward to spending some time in the gallery (and tracking down some wildlife) later this year during the Jackson Fall Arts Festival.


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