Western Explorations

I just returned from a short escape to the mountains that brought both refreshment and many new painting ideas to sift through.  (Very excited to start new work!)

I had the chance to explore Western Wyoming and Montana (and a little bit of Idaho) recently while attending the Jackson Fall Arts Festival and participating in gallery events with West Lives On.

It was really amazing to have so many of wildlife sightings, much more than I had seen during past reference trips.  Beaver, moose (20 individuals), elk, bison, wolves, bears, coyote, raptors, songbirds, and families of swans and other waterfowl, etc.  ..even 2 grizzlies on a carcass in Yellowstone National Park – pictured below (a bit distant, but I was actually pretty happy to be that far away from them while they were feasting).  We were also lucky to leave between snowstorms, so were able to see a lot of weather variety as well!

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