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7 Most Valuable Lessons of 2014

It seems like 2014 just began. Now in a matter of hours we are all about to say our farewells and welcome the coming year.  Not surprising, since I know many others do it as well, I usually spend a few weeks reflecting as things wind down – a yearly review if you will.  So here is an […]

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Throwing Paint and Playing with Glass

A while back, this spring, I asked what all of my supporters surfing the social networks were interested in when hearing from an artist.  Overall, it seems that more than anything it’s to stand in my shoes for a bit.  (..and get into my head)   So, to begin seeing what I can do about that, […]

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Painting and Eye Strain

Being that I chose the visual arts as a career, I have been lucky to have 20/20 vision, especially considering l had risks of being blind from complications when was born. Needless to say I’d have had to find another line of work. This Spring in the thick of deadline season, however, I’ve been having […]

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Do you Listen to Music?

Eduard L. mentioned that he was curious about inspiration.  (If) While doing the painting are you listening to a certain music or if you want to be in a silent area, etc? That’s a good question. I have always listened to something.  Earlier on, I liked Classical (non vocal) music or film scores.  Later it was a […]

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Thanks for stopping by my new domain.  This is a second site for me.  My first, on my family’s site Latham Studios ( ) where I’ve been posting since 2004, is still going to be my main location on the web so no worries there.  I will still be posting all of my paintings, […]

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