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A Few Painting Videos

Lately I have been busy trying to get a new collection of paintings to ‘presentable’ stage, which has been a little more of a challenge than I anticipated.  Just coming back from a trip, though tiring, has brought me many new references to paint of numerous packs of gorgeous wolves.. very excited to start some […]

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Peek In The Studio – Underpaintings
Peek in the Studio – Roundup

Been up to quite a few different things lately – some trekking out in below zero temperatures for exciting references to work with and many new paintings. Here’s an overview of some of the things that I’ve been working on..

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Peek In The Studio – Winter Cardinal and Chickadees

I just realized that I hadn’t updated the studio blog here with these new pieces.. I was in the mood for some winter textures and color.  The setting is a spruce just steps away from my studio that is generally mounding with snow all winter.  I always love how abstract and sculptural it appears, color […]

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Peek In The Studio – Treed Raccoon

Just about finished with this treed raccoon piece.  The variety of elements and textures in the composition made it an interesting (and challenging) painting to work on.  Both the sepia under painting and the near-finished color phase are pictured side by side for comparison.   Raccoon, Work in Progress, Sepia Watercolor, 6″x8″, Rebecca Latham

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Peek In The Studio – Young Bobcats

Quite a few paintings going in the studio at the moment.. they are nearly all in the yuck stage, however.  This is a new painting of a pair of young bobcats that just finished with its sepia layer for the subject.  Still considering what to do with the background for this one, but enjoying all […]

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Another new sepia getting started.. I haven’t painted a Kingfisher before so it is a little bit of an adventure.  I had a wonderful viewing opportunity earlier this year during a visit to Northern Wisconsin that has inspired this painting. Kingfisher, 6x8in, Work in Progress Sepia Watercolor, Rebecca Latham

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Peek In The Studio – Rabbit and Wolf Pups
Peek In The Studio – Tiger Sepia

I have been in the process of finishing up numerous paintings (and pulling others out of their ugly stage), which is always tedious.  So to cheer myself up a bit, I began on this new tiger piece.  Looking forward to some vibrant color.. Tiger, Work in Progress, Sepia Watercolor, Rebecca Latham

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Peek In The Studio – Raccoon, Moose, Trumpeter Swan, & Fox

This is a small collection I have been working on that I hope to have out to its venue soon.  All of the paintings are 6in x 8in.  Having worked on larger pieces for some time, it is somewhat refreshing to get back to several smaller scale works that give a relatively instant gratification.  This […]

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